Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Empty Chair

("Donald Trump's Campaign Says He'll Skip Debate")

Is this like a very extended version of Hillary spending too much time doing you know what in the you know where? An empty podium in the center of the Republican wrestling match would actually be a most refreshing change.

If Mr. Trump were running for President of his high school class, such shenanigans would not be tolerated. The "I am only doing this if I get the respect I deserve" mantra is better served in pre- K.

He has seemed from day one like a person secretly plotting his exit, as his outrageous remarks directed at Mexicans, a war hero, women, the disabled, beleaguered refugees and befuddled opponents, would, in a saner world, long ago have relegated him to the status of builder, golf course owner, television personality and world class egomaniac.

Is Mr. Trump unable to find the proper strategy to get the hell out of Dodge, or is he simply a genius at making counter-intuitive moves which raise his omnipresent poll numbers ever higher?

Is Mr. Cruz, much like Clint Eastwood, going to be having a conversation with an empty chair?

Since virtually all of what Mr. Trump says and does seems a spur of the moment outburst, there is a significant likelihood that he will tomorrow announce yet another reconciliation with Fox, and we will have the misfortune of being subjected to more "great" remarks from the great and wonderful Oz of the Republicans.

Mr. Trump is a train wreck waiting to happen, but somehow, no matter how twisted the track, he manages to remain on his own bewildering course.

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