Friday, January 15, 2016

The Petulant Child

A "feckless weakling." A "petulant child." A person who will soon be subject to a rear end booting out of his house.  These are but the latest of insults leveled at President Obama, courtesy of the one time king of street bullies, Chris Christie.

Even in a land dominated by crudeness thanks to Mr. Trump, the disrespect towards a sitting President is still and forever shocking. Somehow, the Republican party has decided it appropriate and politically correct over the course of the two terms of the Obama presidency to be petulant and provocative towards the elected leader of our country.

From Mr. Trump's "show me your papers", to the "you lie" shout out, from the finger pointing Jan Brewer to the John Boehner refusal to meet with the President, the lack of respect has been startling.

In the sea of noise that is a Republican presidential debate, the remarks of Mr. Christie may well be lost. It is understood that last night's stage was one made for hyperbole and theatrics, for finding some space to fit in between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz, for being noticed. But is there nothing that this party won't do or say anymore in the name of headline grabbing?

Just when we believed the nadir had been reached, thanks to Mr. Christie the bar has been lowered even further.

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Anonymous said...

Well put!
Of course, it is disturbing, but we don't actually HAVE to listen....