Monday, February 22, 2016

Max Kellerman and the Republican Elite Donors - Slipping Away

Max Kellerman's "It feels like its all slipping away" could well be the mantra of today's donor class in the Republican party.

No longer was the Catskills the answer. Instead, "22 countries in 3 days" was what captured minds and hearts. It was now all flash and dazzle. The old ways were now just old.

There was resignation in Kellerman's voice, a recognition that nothing he could do would be enough to stop the inevitable from becoming reality. 

As Dirty Dancing closes, while Patrick Swayze ushers in a new world, loud, brash and bold,  Kellerman asks Tito the bandleader, "You have sheet music on this stuff".

Max Kellerman and the Republican elite donors both in the middle of the floor, dancing to the sounds of a different beat, looking a little uncomfortable and trying not to appear out of step and lost.

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