Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is Bernie a One Note Wonder

('Bernie and the 'Lunatic of One Idea')

The contention that Mr. Sanders is a one note wonder is inaccurate. He is, like all those who aspire to the highest office in the land, merely looking for a message that sells, whether it be one note or a symphony.

We hear in Marco Rubio the constant attack on President Obama, in Donald Trump the endless articulation of great, great, great, win, win, win. Hillary Clinton is searching,as she did eight years earlier, for her hook. For now, it is building on the Obama legacy and taking the slow and steady course, but that is proving a tough mantra to stir the masses.

These candidates are all in a frantic search for the goose that lays the golden egg, the central message that will capture the minds and hearts of the electorate. Mr. Sanders has positions on all range of issues, from intervention in foreign conflicts to educational reform, to the disaster of mass incarceration, to the dilemma of the epidemic of drug related deaths, to all matters large and small. But what has given him traction, and what he will continue to beat like a dead horse until it proves unrewarding, is that Hillary Clinton is tied to Wall Street and Wall Street is the fundamental catalyst for what ails this nation.

These men and women who stand before us are politicians, and by their very nature, they will go wherever the votes are. To believe that Mr. Sanders is different from Ms. Clinton, Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Kasich, Mr. Bush or Dr. Carson is to miss the essence of what a political campaign is all about.

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