Friday, February 19, 2016

Never, Never, Never Land

Welcome to Never, Never, Never Land. It is the place where reality has vanished, where nothing has turned into everything, where an orange colored bird's nest rests atop a looking glass universe.

From here one peers out on an endless vista of pretend, on a paradise predicated on puffery, on a picture of perfection produced by fairy dust and the unbridled suspension of disbelief. 

Welcome to the land of ids and odds, of fakes and fools of fiction as function. A place where once upon a time sits on every plate and each meal consists of hot air and a large dollop of I scream.

It is a time in the distant future that is now and a place far away that is here. Here it is never dark though there is no light and never clear though one looks at forever. Here one is never wrong though never right and never speaks though always talks.

This is a place that doesn't exist but we can touch, doesn't have a mind but has a voice, doesn't know the way but leads. 

Is there a prayer we can make, a name we can invoke, a sign we can find, to turn this nightmare off? Is there a tomorrow or merely this? Is there some place to hide until the storm has passed?

Never, never, never is in our house and refuses to leave, in our heads and refuses to listen, in our hearts and refuses to lessen. Never, never, never is a a prognostication that is not, a panacea that never was.

It is a cancer not a cure, a cause with ill effect, a disease without end. It is nothing we are and everything we should not become. It is never, never, never going to happen. And yet it is here among us.

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