Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Not To Be TrusTed

There are strong echoes of Bridgegate in the series of grievous missteps taken by the Cruz underlings leading to the expulsion of the candidate's communications director Rick Tyler.
From the "misunderstanding" regarding the "suspension" of Dr. Carson's campaign to the fictitious image of Senator Rubio and President Obama in affectionate handshake, to the Bible boo-boo, there appears to be no means too crude, no action too unthinkable, to justify the ends.

And so it was for Governor Christie. Those under his command well understood the drill. Mayor Sokolich of Fort Lee was but one in a long line of the unfortunate and unknowing recipients of the bully's ire and payback. 

It is the expectation of dirty tricks that is at the diseased heart of these two politician's empires. If Senator Cruz or Governor Christie did not order these despicable acts, they were clearly fully consistent with implicit mandates. While Cruz and Christie deny any unethical intent, and attempt to portray themselves as beyond reproach, there is really no daylight between the wrongs committed by those in their employ and the puppeteers who control their every move.


Anonymous said...

It appears your bloated bully governor and the DistrusTed are cut from the same cloth


Anonymous said...

Leaders create the culture for their team.
That being said, followers carry out what they think their leaders want.