Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Night Before Caucus

Twas the day before Caucus and all over town politicians were roaming, each seeking a crown

Come Donald, come Jeb, come Marco and more, come Carly and Ted, no Bobby for sure 

There's Chris and Mike, but no longer George, now Rick, here's Ben and John's at the door

They all have a message, they all have a plan, they all come with smiles and a shake of the hand 

And while old Sanders is filling his sleigh, getting prepared for a very long day

We are greeted at home with presents a plenty, with hats and pens but never a twenty 

With promises of sugarplums and stockings all filled, with a chicken in each pot and Obamacare killed

With talk of white Christians and dreams all come true, with fairy tales and heroes and things each would do 

With terror to beat back and guns everywhere, with promises on promises and plenty to share

With reindeer, religion for God's in the mix, with passion and caring and things each would fix 

With truth in hiding and fiction as true, with rhythm and rhyme and old sold as new

With laughter and tears and all in between, with corn dogs and beer and meat that is lean 

They come like a locust, they stay half a day, then off to the next town they all slink away

They say that they love us and they will be back, and then they are off with their goody sack 

And each as they leave us and fade from our sight, wish all Merry Caucus and to all a good night.


Anonymous said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Very nice !!


Anonymous said...

no reference to the "congenital liar" (thank you William Safire) with a persecution complex, a mania for secrecy, and a bald disdain for rules as they apply to lesser mortals?