Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hearing Without Listening

("A Democrat and a Republican, on the Choices We Face")

The letter of Mr McClure crystallizes the "don't lecture me" attitude that seems to be pervasive among all those who support Mr. Trump.

Don't bore me with your contentions that we are anti-intellectual, anti-fact oriented. Don't point out the foibles and inadequacies, the contradictions and outright lies, the lack of fundamental knowledge or intellectual curiosity of Mr. Trump.

We know all of this, Mr. McClure seems to be saying. But we can forgive these shortcomings because Mr. Trump does not adhere to the dictates of political correctness. And the Lord will guide Mr. Trump's hand in times of trouble.

 And you wonder why we "the Establishment" can't convince those in Mr. Trump's camp of their folly. To quote Simon and Garfunkel,  Mr. McClure is hearing without listening.

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