Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Siren Call to the Minion

We are his minion, his opinion is all that we need
We want his guidance, inside us, driving our deeds
He has the answers, no cancers if we just believe
He is our master, our pastor and we are his seed

Don't McCain me, don't train me, don't Romney me to death
Don't huff me, don't puff me, don't waste your precious breath
Don't Cruz me, don't confuse me, don't talk til you snooze me
It's only the Donald I love

No Gentle Ben and Marco's no friend
Hillary I'll pillory, Bernie I'll gurney
No more denying, decrying, defying
It's only the Donald I love

He'll get them all twisted, don't try to resist him
You'll only get tied up in knots
The finest berater, the great master baiter
Don't hatch those nefarious plots

It's only the Donald I love
He's no OJ's hand in a glove
Kills all the misfits, and I must acquit
Public enemy number one

Prevaricator, pontificator, provocateur, for sure
Morally bankrupt, empty and corrupt, I've heard enough
Politically polluted, constitutionally convoluted, stop
It's only the Donald I love

Give me your tired, your humbled and poor
They'll be fired and bundled out the door
Give me your weary,  your masses yearning to be free
I'll show you the teary,  low classes, headed to sea (from shining sea)

Oh say can you see, over the wall that is
America the free, not for all that is
Don't look like me, taking the fall that is
Won't let you be, heed our call that is

Divided we stand, united in hate
Derided and damned, curse your fate
Decided by birth, defined your state
Diminished, you're finished, its too late

Mr. President, the residence in the big white house awaits
With no hesitation, no reservation, but plenty of guards at the gate
Its no Mara Lago, no eating at Spago, no Trump Towers for sure
Hope its ok, for a four year stay, and maybe then four more

It's Donald we love and his name we trumpet
Toot all the horns and ring all the bells
For those who resist, and on others insist
We welcome you all to hell

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Michael Gansl said...

Brilliant- I expect to see this go viral!