Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cruz Control

("Republicans' Sin of Endorsement")
In this, the season of political incorrectness, who could be more politically incorrect than Ted Cruz? Not only does he speak in offensive ways about his fellow candidates, his fellow man, but his is a history brimming with ways in which he has offended his fellow Senators.  
This is, for those in the Republican "establishment", a hold your nose season. Endorsing Mr. Cruz in the most unenthusiastic, sorry I have to do this manner is seen as the last best hope to stop the Great Wall of Trump from collapsing on their collective careers.

Mr. Kasich, for those who prefer a sane politician, would seem the logical choice. But this is a looking glass world where up is down and a strange haired orange faced egomaniac is saying everything wrong and yet threatening to capture the fealty of 1237 delegates and the party's nomination.

Republican leadership has come to the realization that they are facing a Hobson's choice. They must either endorse Mr. Cruz or face the unfathomable reality of Mr. Trump. Mr. Kasich, for whatever theoretical appeal he may have, is not the answer to the problem. In the actual universe in which this party resides, Ted Cruz is the most perfect of all the imperfect options.

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