Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I've Got Your Back

(soon to be King Donald)

- You moan
The cost of my vanity is pure insanity, a dollar is more than you'd pay

- You groan
The depth of my shallowness, dressed up in callousness,  nothing is something I say

Why so mad?
Remember you liked me, my ratings were high on TV

Now you're making me sad
Really you like me,  we're dating, don't cry, wait and see

We're on a break, not breaking up, there's nothing here that can't be fixed
We're stuck like glue, at least I'm stuck on you, we're not a combustible mix

-You cry
The price of my cruelty is your incredulity,  a cost that a nation must pay

-You sigh
The lower I sink, the higher the stink, there's nothing that I wouldn't say

Don't be mad
Remember the ratings, and remember it's not who I'll be

Don't be sad
Really you'll like me, after November you'll see the real me

You'll be there, by my side, I will take you for a wild ride
You'll be there, full of pride, I will make you my fourth bride

We're in a lover's spat, it's nothing more than that
We're in a lover's quarrel, but I'll be there tomorrow

But if we fail, and push should come to shove,
Just know that I am hitting you out of love

da da da dat da

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