Saturday, March 26, 2016

$omething Le$$

A strikingly similar story played out in a different arena earlier this week. We read the words not only of a tournament director but the number one male tennis player in the world seeking to diminish, financially and otherwise, the accomplishments of those women who trudge out of the very same stage as their male counterparts. 

Women continue to earn less eighty cents to the dollar of men in the overall workplace.

Just as this nation is far from the post racial utopia we had envisioned with the election of President Obama, so is it far from a time of gender equality, notwithstanding the elevated status of Hillary Clinton. 

Donald Trump's continued demonstration of utter contempt for the value of women, serves as vivid reminder that there is a long and difficult trail still to be traversed. 

The N.C.A.A. has never shown itself to be an enlightened body  (see the O'Bannon case) and it is little wonder that the women's team at U Conn is not feted for its accomplishments

While the statement of one tennis director, one star player, even one candidate for President, may in isolation be written off as an aberration, collectively they speak loudly and provide cover for the continuation of an intolerable policy determination by the N.C.A.A.


Anonymous said...

young, educated, savvy women like myself and my friends have no use for Hillary. She's a phony liar who has paid her female employees 72 cents on the dollar she's paid her male employees. We support Bernie because we believe he's the only one who can beat the idiot Trump. Bernie is honest and authentic and speaks truth to the people while Hillary is a greedy power hungry dishonest liar criminal. Trump has problems with women and Hillary has big problems with men. I'd bet she can't remember the last time she had one.

Anonymous said...

The young lady is right. I'm a middle aged woman with zero regard and respect for Hillary Clinton and her womanizer husband. They don't belong in the WH again. Bernie's a good man with the deck stacked against him and he's right: she's in bed with Wall $t.