Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Dislike-ometer

("Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Winning Votes, But Not Hearts")

It is not merely the unfavorable numbers. It is the depth of the animus that is so striking.

Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump have been in the public eye, in our consciousness, seemingly forever. And it is this long courtship that only serves to exacerbate the problem, familiarity breeding contempt. We are not discovering these two, forming opinions. We are merely finding ample corroboration for our already cemented conclusions.

They are the odd couple, these two New York one per centers, about to engage in a civil war, testing whether this nation will be able to withstand a monumental battle of insults and innuendo without being torn asunder.

For a country which has witnessed the disintegration of our political process, where the parties seem ready to mark off 10 paces, turn and fire, the dual of the two most disliked standard bearers in all our memories seems a fitting climax.


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting contest.
Trump vs Clinton?
Well, if Trump isn't accepted by the GOP, He has said
that there will be rioting in the streets.
Then I guess, if he wins the GOP nod, and doesn't win the election, we will have rioting in the streets. Time for us to go to our mattresses and hide under our mattresses.
On the other side, if Clinton wins the election, nothing will get done because the GOP will shut her programs down.
So let's see. Rioting or inaction?
I'll take Clinton. At least I'll be able to sleep on top of my mattress.

Shelley Kaplan said...