Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Future of Snowboarding

This appears as a letter to the sports editor in the New York Times, Sun March 13.

Global warming, anyone? The West suffered through a warm and dry winter last year, and now it is the East’s turn. Snowboarding, so dependent on consistent cold, must wonder whether it will even exist in a generation or two. So, too, twin-tipped skis, rocker and camber ski shapes, and other technological advances have allowed skiers to mimic much of what a boarder can do. The unique capacity of a snowboard is disappearing as quickly as the snow.

For an industry in need of constant exposure to capture minds and hearts, skiing and snowboarding are primarily Olympic year mainstays, a mere two weeks every four years. With day passes costing a small fortune, the sport faces tough times in a stagnant and often harsh economy. The combination of these factors can result only in bankruptcies and empty undersides of boards, lacking sponsors’ logos.

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Anonymous said...

One does wonder! The younger generation of my European cousins head to Switzerland and Austria to snowboard and report that it is still popular there, but it has always seemed a fad to me:) Broke my ankle in Switzerland about 50 years ago... don't ask!