Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Primary Battle - Jesus Versus Donald Trump

It can only be viewed as an ironic twist. Evangelicals as victims in need of a savior. 

So what if he shows disdain and contempt in ways decidedly ungodly. So what if he does not turn the other cheek. So what if he is faux religious.

Those who try to diminish Donald Trump are damned if they do and defeated if they don't. 

In this bizarre universe, Jesus would not make it out of the primaries. Too weak, too forgiving, too willing to overlook the fault in others, too willing to find fault in himself.

Even as many privately praise his unholy rants, Mr.Trump's legion of evangelical followers suggest they must turn a blind eye to his means to an end campaign.  Make America  great again, they say. Just don't tell us how you got there.

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