Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Larceny Of (In) The House

Somnambulism. Sleep walking. That could aptly describe the beginning of this Yankee season. 

It is a year when empty seats seem to dominate at the Stadium, when the energy level of this team seems less than Jeb Bush, when mediocrity breeds boredom.

And then, at least in the moment, at least for tonight, it changed. In less than three seconds. In the time it took Jacoby Ellsbury to steal home. On a two strike count when Brett Gardner would not have been able to let a good pitch pass, when the possibility of disaster for the runner loomed in multiple scenarios, when the sheer frustration of a slow start for the team and for himself must have propelled Mr. Ellsbury forward into highly dangerous territory. 

In a fallow period for a squad in desperate need of a jump start, when the  dust settled and the instant replay confirmed the success of the larceny, Ellsbury's run (run) was a much needed shot of adrenaline that awoke the crowd and a sleep walking team.

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