Thursday, April 21, 2016

And in the End

One moment Ms Clinton looked vulnerable. After New York, she looks unstoppable. And the question becomes whether Mr. Sanders is being a good soldier by soldiering on. 

Fears of lingering damage by Mr. Sanders remaining on stage are exaggerated. What harm he has caused by peeling away the veneer of Ms. Clinton will not be exacerbated by his repeating his mantra in the coming weeks. November is far off and the minds of the public are far more likely this fall to be consumed with the arsenal Mr. Trump unloads on the Democratic front-runner, then to focus on the springtime slings and arrows of the Senator from Vermont.

Mr. Sanders was but a little while back an asterisk from a small state, a fringe player who was not even a sworn Democrat. Talk of loyalty and fealty to his one time sometime allies should not  deter him from continuing his trek. Like a one man Occupy Wall Street, he should stay the course and stay committed until he, not the party, decides the party is over.


Bruce said...

Bernie Sander is a Democratic Socialist, whatever 'that' means--probably that he wants the US to be like a Scandanavian nation with lots of free s***t with high taxes. If these United States ever wanted to be like that, they would have been a long, long time ago when they had the chance. Thus, his message reminds me of the meaningless message of Eugene McCarthy of 1968, which I then bought into (I was only 13). In NY, Sanders appeal is mainly to the hipsters in Brooklyn who are willing to pay 65% of their phantom income in rent, to live in recycled housing that is infested with cockaroaches. Figures. Go Hillary !

Robert said...

Mine was not intended as an indictment of Hillary Clinton nor an endorsement of Bernie Sanders. Rather, it was a question of the point at which a candidate should be compelled, by party or circumstance, to leave the race.

In the Republican field, Mr. Kasich has won his home state and no others(and virtually no delegates apart from Ohio). He still trails Marco Rubio in the delegates pledged to him. Should Mr. Kasich take his toys and go home?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you don't see it, but the overtone of your letter is in defense of Bernie fighting till the end. To me this only seems damaging to the party. Same goes for the republican party. Like all candidates past,present and future we can find fault in every one of them. Hell we can find fault just looking in a mirror. But, like the fighter in the ring, when he thinks he can still win and can't see through the blood in his swollen eyes, he is finally stopped by the man with better judgement. Here is a man who could have used a referee, G.A. Custer. He too didn't care and swore to fight till the end, and look what happen to his followers. So instead of acting like the republicans, lets lead by example. Bernie should see the light and do what's right for the party and step down. Hey he did well for 7 rounds. I love that great line of Bernie's, "tax the rich feed the poor" sounds like a great plan, (hasn't worked yet) and people (mostly the poor) have been singing that tune for years. In fact, since 1971 when Alvin sang it. (Alvin Lee,not the chipmunk) But Bernie doesn't seem to carry the same tune. Something about that man and his song strikes me wrong. But hey, something about all of them strikes me, and not in a good way.