Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Making America Grate Again

When you have a sore winner can less be expected of the loser? Donald Trump began his strange odyssey by warning his own party to treat him right, or else. Even now he speaks of a "rigged system" bent on his destruction. Persecuted even in triumph. 

The absence of grace has been the centerpiece of the Republican circus. And Mr. Cruz, no stranger to antagonizing virtually everyone with whom he has contact, is a natural fit for the role of town cry(er).

As for Mr. Sanders, whining is not a natural fit, and his less truculent being will likely soon be evident as the last embers of hope burn out. 

Campaigns are most often ugly, each one seeming in the moment to redefine the depths of the process. But to lump the Democrats and Republicans in the same cesspool is to do a grave disservice. For in the end, as it was in the beginning, Mr. Trump alone has truly made America grate again.


Anonymous said...

How many days until you are allowed to be published again?
This is a winner (no pun intended)!


Anonymous said...

Between the non committed delegates and the Super delegates I am learning of our non democracy.


Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party is not a democracy. Nor is it meant to be.