Monday, April 18, 2016

Now I'm 64

When I was younger I lost my hair
Many years ago
Never bother sending me a valentine
Birthday greeting, I don't drink wine
If I'm awake at quarter to three
I will sleep no more
Girl you don't need this, yet you still feed this
Now I'm 64

You've regrets, a few
But if you'd said the words
I don't but you didn't and you do

I'm never handy, blowing a fuse
Now the lights are out
Your brow will knit a furrow as you watch my gaffe
Wish you could cry but you just have to laugh
No help in the garden, can't find a weed,
Who could help you less?
You really don't this, but still you feed this,
Now I'm 64

Every year you could use a nice rest
in a place I'm not
But it's not so, dear
Though you whimper some days
Here I am still on your knee
Forever your baby, my babe

Don't need to write me, or answer this post
Stating point of view
I know exactly what you'd like to say
Quite sincerely, day after day
I've got your answer, but I'm still here
Yours forevermore
Girl you don't need this, but you still feed this
Now I'm 64.

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