Wednesday, April 13, 2016

School Daze

Its the party's party and you are not on the guest list. As we learn just how little we know about a delegate's pledge of allegiance, Donald Trump is getting a primer on the politics of politics. 

His seemingly one man campaign, free of any serious thought or contemplation, is running headlong into the backroom maneuvering that is a convention. And what he doesn't understand, and hasn't bothered to understand, will cause him great consternation and quite possibly the nomination.

One can only imagine what his total lack of insight or investigation would cost us in real world political terms should he ever (shudder) find himself the occupant of the Oval Office. Those schooled in the ways of crossing  political T's and dotting I's would surely make Mr. Trump seem illiterate.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on.....His lack of understanding is scary. He has always gotten away with bluster and bullying, but in the real world information and a study of the issues is the answer. It is very, very troublesome. That this man might have his hand on the controls of atomic weapons, deadly.