Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Case for Leaving a New York Times Op Ed Column Blank

This is nothing but an unpaid political advertisement. It paints an image of Mr. Trump unmoored from the realities of his campaign, of his total lack of understanding on or interest in the complexities of both foreign and domestic matters from immigration to nuclear proliferation, of his puerile and often obscene behavior ridiculing anyone who dares to question him and treating the process as if it were a grade school election, of his call to anger and hostility creating animosity as his central theme and that of so many who pledge allegiance to this billionaire who believes in nothing as much as he believes in his own greatness. 

The New York Times is to be congratulated for giving voice to different views, but it does not mean that it open its pages to nonsensical drivel masquerading as serious writing. I am disappointed that this forum was provided just as New Yorkers go to cast their votes on Tuesday. It would have been better to have left an Op Ed column blank.

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