Sunday, May 1, 2016

Alzheimer's - A Response to "Fraying at the Edges"

Courageous. Geri Taylor is staring into the abyss with grace, dignity and resolution, not allowing an insidious disease to define her. She is a person living with Alzheimer's, not an Alzheimer's person.
The inevitability of what tomorrow will look like does not, for Ms. Taylor, demand that today be without meaning.

Like millions of others, I have watched as a loved one lost contact with her surroundings. It can be extraordinarily painful as the ravages of the illness become ever more evident. It is a frightening and depressing journey for those of us who are mere bystanders, and I can but imagine the horror for the one who feels his or her existence slipping away. 

I applaud Ms. Taylor for allowing the reader inside her head, inside this world. And I thank the New York Times for opening up a critically needed discussion on a terrifying topic.

We are a population living longer but far too often and for far too long in a diminished state of being. We must attack Alzheimer's as if it were a mortal enemy, every bit as dangerous as the person holding a gun to our head. For in truth, it is.

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