Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Donald and Megyn, Sitting in a Tree

("Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly Are Convivial in Prime-Time Special")

Vice President Kelly anyone? In a universe where personal and political expediency Trump all else, suddenly Donald is in bed, so to speak, with Ms. Kelly and a host of others who previously found Mr. Trump repugnant, repulsive and ridiculous.

If it is not an orgy, at least it is a warm embrace, as party leaders and Fox kiss and make up with the presumptive nominee.

It was inevitable. Mr. Trump, despite his boasts of independence requires the money and machine of the party. For the Republican front-runner, in this land of convoluted logic, if Ms. Kelly can forgive his trespasses,so, he would suggest, can all women. Fox and Ms. Kelly can only embellish their ratings and value by ending the war of words and courting their prize possession. And Mr. Ryan and the Republican establishment will certainly be on the outside looking in come November should they leave Mr. Trump on his own island of ignorance and conceit.

For all, the charade of camaraderie and care will now play out in earnest. Act two of the show has now commenced.


Michael Gansl said...

It is these types of interviews that depress me - Is it all just hype? Is it all just ratings/ Is there not a tough question that dear Megyn could have asked this character? I'm surprised they did not kiss and hug after the interview!

Anonymous said...

Let's change the rhyme to Donald and Megyn on the tree top, when the wind blows their cradle will rock.....and down, down down down! will come Donald and Megyn, cradle and all! From your FC songstress.