Thursday, May 19, 2016

Donald Trump Interviewing Donald Trump For a Job

Dear Mr. Trump:

I pose this hypothetical to you:  There is a job opening for a critical position in one of your businesses. An applicant is interviewed by you. He is an older gentlemen, one whom you might not otherwise consider because of his age, but you know of him in another context and so decide he is at least worthy of a small moment of your time.

His physical appearance is unusual to say the least. His skin tone is many shades off, and what should be a standard caucasian off white has been replaced with a kind of burnt orange. His hair is long in the wrong places and there is more than a hint that something is amiss on top of his head.

He comes across as brutish, almost arrogant. His language is unnecessarily coarse and improvidently direct. He demonstrates a total lack of propriety in his manner and his speech pattern, and most strikingly takes gratuitous swipes at those lower on the food chain. He has what seems to be an enormous issue with ego.

Beyond the look and feel of this person, it is apparent from the first that he has virtually no knowledge regarding the critical issues relating to the job for which he is seeking your approval. He covers up his deficiencies with bluster, obviously hiding his fundamental lack of a grasp of the intricacies and specifics with virtually nonsensical blabber. He has not taken the time or the effort to try to learn even the most rudimentary aspects of your business. When you press him on various matters, he deflects and tries to steer the conversation in another direction. When he tries to impress you with his acumen in a field totally unrelated to the one in which he is now seeking employment, you easily see through this ploy. And when you look further into his resume in other areas, you are concerned that it is far less impressive than what he would suggest.

At the end of the interview, the candidate stands up, shakes your hand and asks when he can start the job.

Mr. Trump, what would your answer be?


Michael Gansl said...

You're fired!
But, Mr. trump, you haven't even hired me yet. How can you fire me?
I'm rich, very rich, very, very rich, and i can do whatever I want.
You're fired, and I will make sure we will build a wall around you, so you will not be able to apply for any more positions, and best of all, you will pay for that wall.

Anonymous said...

You're fired!