Saturday, May 14, 2016

Donald Trump, Swiss Cheese and Pancakes

The two bedrocks of Mr. Trump's campaign were his financial independence and his willingness to stick by his statements no matter their political incorrectness. 

Now, with breathtaking, neck twisting speed, we are informed that this man who cannot be bought is up for sale to the highest bidder and will likely be at a pancake house in your neighborhood in the near future glad handing (oh, I forgot he doesn't like to shake hands because of the germs in touching you) for dollars.

And further that all those keep the immigrant out, send the immigrant back mandates were really only "suggestions." Wait, you mean he was not absolute in his passion and position but merely throwing out whatever popped into his head? 

Mr.Trump's foundation is a Swiss cheese of contradictions and his candidacy rests not on principles but on three card Monte.

Ms.Collins asks that Mr. Trump "show me the money." If she goes to the local house of pancakes this Saturday at 2PM she just may see it.

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