Friday, May 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the Value of Imagination

Yes, Hillary Clinton can be dull. Yes, she lacks the capacity to bring listeners to their feet, to startle them, to draw them in. 

Mr. Brooks damns her not for what she says but what she doesn't. That she gives the right answers, just not the ones he wants to hear, that her message is not tone deaf, merely that it does not elevate, that she is good but not great.

But good, Mr. Brooks is far better, far more palatable, far more worthy than horrid. Mr. Trump does not lack imagination for he can imagine his Great Wall, he can imagine his 45% tariff, he can imagine tax cuts for the 1% coupled simultaneously with increased spending and debt reduction.  Mr. Trump is all about imagination, for he is not in the least grounded by the reality of what awaits. 

The prescription for what ails us does not lie in creative thinking unless it is tethered to facts and truths.

Mr. Trump may create a vision, but he has none. He may stir the heart, but he shows none. He may have imagination but it has no relation to that of John Lennon's.

Good, in this setting, is way good enough for me.

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