Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Oh The Things You Can't Say

You must remain silent
You can't say a word
Not of secrets you're told
Not of whispers you heard

You have locks on your lips
And no, no on your brain
You can not let it slip
You have nothing to gain

You can not ever slip. It may lead to a fall. That would just never do. Just say nothing at all.

When you're asked what's up
Say the sky, little more
If they press you much further
Tell them there's the front door

You have to be careful
And pretend you don't know
Give a nod or a shrug
Cause its all just a show

Just a show's all it is. Make believe, its pretend. Can't tell what you know, cause you might lose a friend.

Oh you might lose a friend.
Or maybe much worse.
No, the secret stays secret
Despite how they curse

Can't make up a lie
You're no good at that
Just muffle your mouth
With a sock or a hat

A sock or a hat or a shoe if you must. Whatever it takes to keep your mouth shut.

Oh the things you can't say
That you hear all the time
They lead to no good
If you talk its a crime

A felony it is
Lock him up, toss the key
You can never forget
A good friend you must be

Oh the things you can't say
Oh the words you must not
Oh the secrets you keep
Oh the battles you've fought

Oh the battles you've fought, just to keep it inside. Want to tell it to all, oh the thoughts that you hide.

And if you should speak
When you know you should not
Just deny that you spoke
If you should get caught

No, I don't really mean that
Don't mean it at all,
Just say you don't know
Or say nothing at all.

If there is a lesson
To be learned from my poem
It's keep your mouth zipped
Don't let your thoughts roam

Oh, the things you can't say
Oh the words you must not
Oh the lips you must button
Oh the grief if you're caught

Oh the trouble you'll have
It's not worth the pain
Just forget what you heard
And turn off your brain

Let me end at the end
Cause there's no place to go
And the things you can't say
Stuff them all in your toe

In your toe, or a shoe, or a sock if you must. Wherever they fit, in a place that you trust. Out of sight, out of mind, out of reach, hard to find. Just find a safe place for the things you can't say. Just find a safe place and lock them away.


Anonymous said...

How very Seussesque. Adorable


Anonymous said...

If only they realized how much effort it is for you to keep a secret!


Anonymous said...

Really great. But you did not say that it took 64 years to learn this!!!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your piece. I agree with the anonymous commentor who called it "Seussesque." In fact (and I'm not kidding), if you can find an appropriate illustrator I think this has genuine possibilities as a children's book.


Michael Gansl said...

I agree with Anonymous. This could be a great kids book with fun illustrations.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, and so true:)


Anonymous said...

Love it!
I bite my my tongue. Oh the temptation!


Anonymous said...

being an old seuss fan, i like this a lot


Anonymous said...

Really great. Sounds just like Dr Seuss


Anonymous said...

Is this a thinly-veiled threat? Sounds like you're planning to supplement your legal fees by blackmailing your friends!

If you can keep a secret, I'll tell you this was very creative, well-written and a lot of fun to read.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Seuss-ish piece to which I can relate –especially after having had a dream about being told not to mention something and then saying it out loud --- As Ben Franklin stated: “Three can keep a secret if two are dead.”


Anonymous said...

Love it!!


Anonymous said...

Wow who knew you suffered so !!! I'm proud of you


Anonymous said...

Very cute! You must have been going crazy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing....must have been a challenge for Mr. Mayor!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cute!


Anonymous said...

LOVED the Seuss-like piece.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed!!!