Sunday, May 15, 2016

Storm Clouds

("When Did Optimism Become Uncool")

The last eight years have been an unrelenting stream of negatives emanating from the Republican party. Our economy is bad, enemies abound. The creation of millions of jobs is ignored, our attempts to begin reconciliation with old foes like Iran and Cuba is ridiculed. Meanwhile the Democrats, in very large part, have allowed the message that the sky is indeed about to fall to fester.

Republicans do well as aggressors, Democrats not so much.

From this maelstrom arrives Donald Trump, heading a party that is all (and only) about messaging. And Mr. Trump knows messaging.

Optimism is not only uncool. it is as foreign as Mexicans and Syrians in this environment. Make America Great Again captures the essence of the constant drumbeat that has hypnotized and mesmerized a party.

"It is not as bad as you think" would not make for a wonderful bumper sticker for Hillary Clinton, try as she might to hold on to many of the accomplishments of the Obama years.

This fall will pit the "end of the world" rhetoric of Mr. Trump against what? The Democrats will again be playing on the Republican home turf as we watch events unfold and wait for optimism to peak out from under the gathering storm clouds.


Anonymous said...

Which accomplishments are you referring to:
Total destabilization of Middle East, Weakest recovery from a recession in American history, being at war longer than any other American President, most divisive America since Civil War, Healthcare law that doesn't work, Disastrous Iran nuclear deal, shrinking middle class, no jobs for college grads, regression for poor and minorities esp. African Americans, addition of 9 trillion to national debt, IRS scandal, Benghazi? Just to name a dozen. I could easily add a dozen more failures. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to admit I voted for this loser twice. Won't be voting for Hillary though.

Anonymous said...

President Obama's greatest achievement has been his uncanny ability to blame others for his failures while patting himself on his back for things he had nothing to do with, for example taking credit for energy independence due to fracking. The greatest scapegoater in american history.

Anonymous said...

First off, it is remarkable that you have had 51 letters published by the Times. Congratulations...now the next step is to do a full op-Ed piece published, then move on to a regular weekly column.

Is is also remarkable that Pres Obama has gotten so much accomplished with a GOP who is the party of "no", the party that has zero social conscience.

Robert said...

I appreciate the kind thoughts from the last comment, and recognize, from the first two comments, that my vision of the world is not universally accepted.

I will try to accept both the compliments and the condemnations with equal grace.

Robert S. Nussbaum