Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Presumptive Nominee

We are a country of almost 324 million people. To be eligible to run as a candidate for President one must be a natural born citizen or a U.S. citizen, 35 or older, residing in this country for at least 14 years. It is estimated that approximately 150 million people meet these qualifications. And of all those, Donald Trump has emerged as the standard bearer for one of the two major parties in this nation.

Has there ever been a worse choice in the 240 years that the United States has been handing out vote for me stickers? Someone so uniquely unsuited, with no political history, no fundamental understanding of the issues, no well constructed beliefs, no intellectual curiosity, no filter for his often bizarre and more often antagonistic ruminations. Someone so egotistic, so bombastic, so uncivilized and so unqualified to handle the unfathomable responsibilities of holding the highest office in this, and quite honestly, any land in our world? 

He has gone from sideshow to center stage, from carnival barker to presumptive nominee, from the Donald to THE DONALD. And he has proven that when it is your time, no wall can be erected, no tweet can be concocted, no illegal immigrant can be found, that can stop you from fumbling, bumbling and stumbling all the way to your party's nomination.

Who is going to save us from ourselves if this huckster should emerge as the next President of the United States?


Bruce said...

Yesterday, May 3rd, 2016, Donald Trump did what no Democrat could do in twenty-five or more years—defeat and expel the Republican establishment. He got rid of the same Republican establishment that continued to press for the discredited ‘trickle-down’ theory of supply side economics; the same one that wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade; select judges on the basis of a religious litmus test; send tens of thousands of American soldiers to fight forever in the muck of the middle East; reinstitute compulsory school prayer; eliminate all restrictions on concealed weapons; refuse to allow gay people to marry one another; and abolish the Department of Education and common core. Trump also got rid of a hated demagogue named Ted Cruz and served notice that he (Trump) will stop at nothing to destroy his enemies.

Just yesterday, Trump accused Cruz’s father of being complicit in the JFK assassination in 1963 by being associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, making the state of politics in America a despicable game of nonsense that too many Americans believe, by which I conclude that there are a lot of dumb-assed people out there who vote.

Trump has also done what no Republican could do since 1992—to denigrate Hillary Clinton because she is a woman with a mind of her own and the ability to serve as president despite not being born with testicles.

There are six months to go until the general election.

I cannot see how Clinton can lose the electoral college provided that her core supporters come out and vote for her. However, I could not see how Donald Trump could win one primary and here he is, the presumptive nominee of the GOP.

He is now completed the adversarial takeover of the American Republican party. He owns it. He is the head of the American Conservative movement. The editors of the National Review, a conservative bastion, will lead the effort to oppose him. But, they offer no alternative candidate and hate Clinton much more than Trump.

Accordingly, the party faithful will rally around Trump in an effort at both unity and cowardice.

Watch for Ted Cruz, like the absentee governor of NJ, Chris Christie, fall into line and support Trump as a way of stopping “Clinton the Anti-Christ.”

Yet, Clinton supporters and many sane Republicans must come around and vote for Clinton.

Otherwise, we must be resigned to a possible Donald Trump victory in November.

If elected he will not know what in the world he is doing and his loud mouth and arrogance will get us into a lot of trouble at home and abroad.

The only hope will be to impeach him and his vice-president, from the time he takes the oath of office at 12 Noon until he arrives at the White House three hours later. The military can bar the doors refusing him entrance and, at that time, Paul Ryan (as Speaker, he is second in line) can become president. He will be no good either but I would support him over Trump as the only way of assembling any order to our government.

Robert said...

That was more like a nickel then your two cents worth.

I agree with your assessment of Mr. Trump but not necessarily that we are rid of the Republican establishment. Trump is a performer and he will go where the wind blows. He has no deeply held views, as he was an avowed Democrat but several years back. He is as likely to be consistent in his positions as he was yesterday concerning Mr. Cruz, at one point in the day almost accusing his father of pulling the trigger on President Kennedy and then praising Mr. Cruz as a tough guy with a very bright future.

The next 6 months will test the mettle and the patience of each of us in ways we can hardly imagine.

Anonymous said...

You know I agree but the two presumptive candidates are probably the most unpopular candidates ever. I hate them both but I hate the Donald more

Richie Jay said...

I appreciate Bruce's comments, but I disagree with the narrative that Trump defeated the GOP establishment and opposes all their deeply-held beliefs. To the contrary, he is their Frankenstein monster, the creation of a GOP that's mostly anger and resentment and bigotry and truthiness, with a thin veneer of actual policy, most of which is demonstrably unsound/harmful or based on false premises. And, when you can pin down Trump's views (which is understandably challenging), they fall in line with most boilerplate GOP nonsense: global warming is a hoax; huge tax cuts for the rich (just below Trump's faux-populism is, you guessed it, a standard Republican trickle-down tax plan); appointing radical right-wing judges; restricting access to abortion; vilifying immigrants and minorities; crippling or abolishing important federal agencies (including education); making it even easier to get guns; saver-rattling and warmongering. Trump has not run against these ideas, and has often embraced them, despite the aura of rebelliousness that he emits. We should take absolutely no comfort in his defeat of more traditional Republican candidates. He comes with all of the same baggage, plus even harsher rhetoric and less knowledge. It is a dangerous, combustible mix.

Robert said...

As usual, Richie can crystallize what is running through my head far better than I

Bruce said...

In retort--we are all in agreement about Trump. On foreign policy he called for an "America First" slogan eschewing middle eastern wars but then said he would send a large contingent to defeat ISIS. Very contradictory -- US Policy made off the cuff while on the podium. I can't wait to laugh at his nomination speech in Cleveland. Yet there are millions of American dopes who are enthralled with this kind of candidate.

Michael Gansl said...

Hopefully, when Trump loses his race for the Presidency, he will make a successful bid to buy the Yankees, a franchise that despite its riches, is struggling to be a winner again! His slogan, of course, will be: "Make The Yankees Great Again!"

Robert said...

He could play the role of the ghost of George Steinbrenner, that Yankee Doodle Dandy born on the 4th of July.

Anonymous said...

I can't even think about it. And neither should you. You don't sleep enough as it is. It's horrifying.