Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Two Dissimilar Dislikes

This past weekend your paper ran an article about Trump's wild ride to the doorstep of the presidency.  Unscripted, unorthodox, unwieldy and in so many ways unbelievable. 

There is none of that in Hillary Clinton or her candidacy. Every word she utters, every smile she shows, every hand she shakes seems considered, calculated and in so many ways, contrived.

In a landscape where a strange haired outsider can make life so uncomfortable for her (and I am merely talking about Mr. Sanders), Ms. Clinton will soon face off against a boorish lout, full of himself and of virtually every quality a trained politician rejects. And it is precisely that contrast which will so animate this debate season. 

Hillary Clinton, dedicated public servant, who has spent a lifetime serving others, but seems to many only to be serving herself. Donald Trump, dedicated first and forever to himself, who has spent a lifetime in the pursuit of his own pleasures.

Both equally disliked. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I think you should try to avoid blogging about Trump through the election.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Instead write about Hillary's emails and Bill's females.