Friday, June 3, 2016

3:21 AM - Time on My Hand and My Mind


Being a very early riser, I awaken hours before the sound emanates of the New York Times being dropped outside the front door to my apartment. The on-line version becomes my first companion of each new day. 

And like clockwork, actually exactly like clockwork, that day's op eds are posted at 3:21 AM. I wonder whether there is something significant in the choice of that precise moment and can only surmise that it is intended to suggest a countdown to blast off. It is the time, the literal time, when we rise and turn our eyes towards the heavens, hoping to touch the skies. Blast off, when anything and everything seems possible.

Or maybe it is not that at all, but merely serendipity that brought this hour and minute to such elevated heights. 

These are the wanderings of a mind that awakens far too early and is left to focus on matters such as these.  I think I should go back to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Have you had your prostate checked out?

Anonymous said...

3/21 is also a special day in the Kaplan and Kane household :)

Go back to sleep!

Anonymous said...

get your OCD checked out