Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Clear and Present Danger

The President is complicit in mass murder. The Muslim community protects those within their midst they suspect are planning an attack. The government exerts no oversight over who becomes members of our society and has permitted a tidal wave of potential terrorists to invade our shores. 

Donald Trump is as close to lunatic, as unfettered from rational contemplation, as unhinged an individual as any person who has ever disgraced us with his presence on our national stage. If the predicate for involuntary psychiatric detention is a finding that one is capable of doing harm to himself or to others, then why is Mr. Trump not in the care of professionals who can try to address his myriad deficiencies?

Why does he get to turn this tragic moment into yet another Trump headline? He appears, in his paranoia and fear mongering a clear and present danger to our nation. Is there no way to shut this man up, to shut this circus down?

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