Friday, June 24, 2016

Don't Come Back

Sung to the tune of "You'll Be Back"  from Hamilton


(The heads of 27 remaining states of the European Union to the British people)

You say
The cost of our union's too much and you choose not to stay
You scream
You're free from all bonds, and your door is now closed all the way
Why so mad?
Recalling our love, our engagement has tumbled away
Now you're treating me bad
Remember, despite what you think, there's a price that you'll pay
You screwed up, soon you'll find
You'll be hoping I have your behind
You screwed up, listen well
You'll be going through a living hell
Trade will end, pound will fall
And you'll wish you made a different call
And when that time should come
I will send along a bouquet of thorns to give the Royal Mum

Da da etc

You think that you'll be happy now we are through
We may have separated but you have no clue
Cause you will be soon be lonely
No man's an island lonely
On your own and oh so lonely
Missing us, very lonely, tomorrow and morrow and oh in your sorrow, so lonely

Don't come back, not to us
We don't want you and all your fuss
We don't care for your kind
And we'll laugh that you are left behind
Now you're gone, we're not sad
And forget about the love we had
So be gone, you are toast
Auf weidersehn, au revoir, arrivederci, adios

Da da etc


Anonymous said...


will it be:

Frexit, Italeave, Departugal, Czech-Out, Byegium, Finnish, or Nethermind?

"It's the beginning of the end, my friend"


Robert said...

Now that comment was clever