Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The Republican party has lost its soul in a million ways as policy, if that is what the absence of the same is still to be named, is determined by voter count, by money, by appeasement of this ugly part of its constituency or appealing to that debased part of our being.

It is now much less than the sum of its parts, and the heart of the GOP has vanished, being replaced by a barrel of guns, of oil, of torturous thoughts and demonic sentiments. By Donald Trump. 

And it is in the complicity of McCain, of Christie, of Rubio and Ryan, of the collapse of opposition to the man they all know is wrong not just for them, but for all of us, that the debasement is made complete. They are not merely turning the other cheek to his wall of insults, to his tidal wave of ludicrous assertions on how this country should comport itself, to his tsunami of horrid suggestions. They are turning their backs on this nation, willing to give the devil his place at the head of the table, as long as there is a morsel of food still left for each of them.

It is a party in tatters, wilfully leading us into the abyss and throwing their lot with the embodiment of everything they know in the very core of their being we should not be. Their Frankenstein, and soon, maybe ours.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. And it's a frightening prospect he could win. Mrs. Clinton has very serious problems. Besides the obvious one of the distrust voters have based on her past behavior she has no message, and worst of all voters have clearly shown that this is a time they do not like, and certainly do not trust, establishment politics.