Monday, June 13, 2016

Death in Orlando

It has become an indelible stain on the canvas of this nation. Blood red, flowing into every household,  an epidemic both incomprehensible and undeniable.

A President, wearied from far too many pleas for sanity in our response, seemed resigned to our determination to ignore the consequences of our inaction. While weapons intended for warfare turn each of our streets into the next war zone, we do nothing. 

Another community mourns the loss of lives not intended for this, never for this. In days to come we will talk of ISIS, of Islam, and except for those who would deny it's existence, of those in the Orlando nightclub just emerging to claim their rightful seat at the table.

But  we cannot lose sight of the guns. When we wake up tomorrow bathed in tears and wondering why the next tragedy has taken so many from us before their time, we must understand that our own fingerprints are among those on the assault rifle. While we did not pull the trigger, we cannot escape our own culpability.

When will it ever be time to stop the insanity and formulate laws to try to stem the senseless carnage?

50 dead in Orlando - how many more?

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Anonymous said...

I'm watching the CNN feed at my office and Obama basically said the same thing you just wrote. You could have a career as a speechwriter....