Monday, June 27, 2016

Nero, George Bush and Donald Trump

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. George Bush read children's books as the towers fell. Donald Trump hawked his wares as the Brits did their reverse Paul Revere.

To the perpetual rhythms of his great, magnificent theme song, speaking to a crowd in Scotland that had voted not to leave the Union, Trump brushed aside history and focused on renting out his hotel suites, sounding more like a spokesman for the Hilton chain than a candidate for President.

Mr. Trump's self absorption knows no boundaries. Standing in the midst of history, his myopia saw only personal capital at hand. Instead of devoting this moment to reflection of the monumental impact of the decision made, Mr. Trump considered Brexit irrelevant except as it related to Making His Golf Course Great Again.

This is the man who, after the worst mass shooting in the history of this nation, congratulated himself for predicting such a tragedy, his anti-immigrant rhetoric marching inexorably forward despite the unalterable fact that the shooter was a man born less than 10 miles from where Mr. Trump was hatched in Queens, NY. While the bodies of the dead waited to be buried, Mr. Trump preened.

What perversion of logic runs through the head of Donald Trump? And ours?

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Bruce said...

Donald Schmuck is a big trump.

Sorry for the foul language for all the kids who are reading this, but it is an appropriate exception to my normal discourse.

I predicted that the Brexis vote would further doom Trump's campaign, and I believe that I am correct. Most voters who think (about half) realize that, (as Pope Francis said) "the EU has some problems with it but you don't throw the baby out with the bath water." We now see some movement toward either a do-over vote, or, more likely a negotiated deal with Merkel and friends.

Because Trump went to Scotland to make money rather than say anything of value about the Brexis vote, then if elected, he will put in policies to aggrandize his wealth and not the nation's.

Meanwhile, I am not surprised that he will get at least 30% of the popular vote. There are simply too many voters who do not think nor are capable of thinking straight. It is part of the culture we are in.