Sunday, June 19, 2016

Walk, Don't Run

He threatened last August, predicted in December and even contemplated in April. If the party didn't want him, Donald Trump said, he didn't want them. 

And boy Donald, they really don't want you. As toxic and extreme as the Republican brand has become, as xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-intellectual, anti-black, anti-latino, anti-poor as this party has clearly demonstrated itself to be, as much as you are the product of years of wrong headed, pig headed philosophy within the ranks of the establishment, you make even their blood curdle.

So take your toys, your golf courses, your shiny buildings, your crumbling casinos and your outrageous ideas and head home where, even if you are not respected, you are feared. Where no one wants to sit across from you on faux reality television to be humiliated and fired. Where you are king of your domain. 

No Donald, don't let them disrespect you, don't let them Ryan you into submission or McConnell you into speaking in tongues. Be the man you say you are and walk away. Or, in parlance of the moment, run. I mean, don't.

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