Saturday, July 9, 2016

Death By Numbers

Do you want to know the world that the NRA has wrought? A place saturated with weapons and soaked in blood. A place where our implicit bias, coupled with a gun in the hands (or pockets) of anyone and almost everyone, translates into a four year old being witness to death for a broken taillight. A place where assault rifles proliferate and police become target practice, clay pigeons dressed in blue and spilling red on the streets of Dallas. A world with its collective finger on the trigger.

Do you want to know who is to blame for this insanity? We who allow this, we who do far too little, far too late. We who don't organize a 10 million person march, who don't demand that there be a first amendment to the Second Amendment so that we understand that this is not a well regulated militia but an unregulated army of unnecessary pain. 

We are our own weapon of mass destruction.


Anonymous said...

But the media has given up talking about it

Anonymous said...

Repeal the second amendment with a 50 million man march.
Then what? Honest and good citizens will give up their guns. Do you expect criminals and the mentally deranged will too? Where does that leave us? We already have strict laws regarding gun ownership, etc. Do we also take guns out of the hands law enforcement? That would have saved a life in Baton Rouge and St. Paul.

Please, besides the noble rhetoric, give us a specific, pragmatic plan.

Robert said...

What is your answer? More guns? There are 100 people who die each and every day in this country from gunshot wounds.

Guns don't make us safer.They kill us.

How about buy back laws? How about decommissioning bullets? How about fingerprint identification on guns? How about funding of studies to demonstrate in cold numbers the calamity our obsession with guns has caused.

It makes me sad, makes me angry, that we can be so cavalier, that what is the cold truth of this disaster can be so easily passed off as "noble rhetoric".

The deaths this week did not have to happen. We allowed them to happen.

Anonymous said...

Sure. So please tell us again, because we allowed them to happen, How do we stop allowing them to happen?

Robert said...

I have given some suggestions which you apparently do not find compelling, or even helpful. To hear another voice like mine, if you wish, I would ask that you read the piece by Adam Gopnik of July 8 in the New Yorker entitled, "The Horrible Predictable Results of a Widely Armed Citizenry"