Monday, July 11, 2016


As the officers lay dying in pools of blood we were witness to a new image of red, white and blue in America.

Days removed from fireworks lighting our skies, the gunshots were now the new fireworks of our nation.

While we drape ourselves in the flag, coffins now line up draped in the rhetoric of a country at war with itself.

Cry for the dead. Cry for those who lost their lives as we have lost our way.

Cry out in anguish and pain. Cry out for a new freedom, not soaked in this insanity. louder than any weapon, more powerful than any bullet.

Let us be free, free from the death grip of guns. Free from an addiction that leaves so many bodies broken, so many lives fractured, so many images of our self destruction.

Free from the fears that drive us into the waiting embrace of the arms makers, free from our insecurities that drive us to lock up and lock down.

Let freedom ring, not gunshots. Let freedom ring, not the wails of those in mourning. Let freedom ring, not our plaintive cries.

Let freedom ring on the lands where today we bury our dead. Let freedom ring where tonight we mourn. Let freedom ring where we no longer can find peace.

Let tomorrow dawn on a new beginning. Let our minds be clear, our eyes be focused, our hearts be calm.

Let our thoughts be joined, our efforts be relentless, our determination undeniable.

Let our time be not wasted, our path be not broken, our faith be not shaken.

Let us resolve that we will no longer live in pools of blood, that enough is far too much, that we are not our addiction.

Let freedom ring. Let freedom ring. Let freedom ring.

Take away the guns.


Anonymous said...

As I said before, does the 2nd Amendment allow each citizen to have a nuclear bomb? If not, we can restrict weapons.


Robert said...

I think we are way, way too politic about this issue. Let's tell it like it is. We should get rid of this plague, legislate away bullets, put fingerprint IDs on guns, no assault weapons. We should be on the attack, not always on the defensive, not always working on the edges, not always asking for virtually nothing.

The 2 deaths for being black with guns in your pocket were preventable last week. The 5 dead cops could still be alive if we were not so afraid to confront our addiction.

Anonymous said...

Language can be very dangerous as well. Anyone listening today heard words of wisdom and leadership from Dallas police chief David Brown. At his news conference today a straight speaking Chief Brown articulated an honest and direct approach to UNITY and cooperation between police and citizens. What a contrast to the inflammatory and divisive remarks of our president from calling the police stupid in the Henry Gates situation to his remarks in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown catastrophes.

Anonymous said...

The writer above is correct. The president should condemn any group advocating death to law enforcement officers, including BLM. Now we have more shootings of police officers in Michigan.