Sunday, July 24, 2016

Scary Tales

Scary tales can come true 

They can happen to you, 

When you've got no heart

And the truth you can't find

When you're narrow of mind

And you've got no heart.

So don't go to extremes

With impossible schemes

Can't you see that your dreams

Are but nightmarish screams

And life is more exciting when you pass your days

With love and not this hate that just gets in the way

And the sum of your worth

You're not better by birth

Don't be cruel of heart

For you're poorer by far

And the night has no stars

When you're cruel of heart

And you're not alive

If you merely survive

Living all of these lies

Makes you empty inside

Now here is the fun part

You get a fresh start

If you wake tomorrow with an

Open heart


Bruce said...

There once was a man named Trump
Who came from Queens not a dump
He ran for prez
And said do as I sez
Then everyone jumped dah dah dah

Harvey F Leeds said...

Watch for Trump toilet paper. You will be able to wipe your ass with Trump!

Anonymous said...

Excellent song! Record yourself singing and put on youtube!


Anonymous said...

Perfect description of Hillary.
Send to Michael Moore. He can use in his new film: Debbie Does Bernie

Anonymous said...

the movie is actually Debbie Gets Dumped
by her own DNC and will not speak at the convention!

Robert said...

I guess the best defense is to be offensive.