Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The First Lady's Night (No, Not That One)

The chasm that should separate every Sanders loyalist from a Trumpette had all but disappeared. The "Hillary for Prison" brigade had meandered from Cleveland to the city of not so brotherly love. A repeat of the Republican disaster of last week seemed all but inevitable. And then Michelle Obama spoke.

Was I the only one thinking we chose the wrong wife of a President to break this glass ceiling? The present first lady seems untouched by controversy. She is elegant, forceful, determined. She commands respect, and the voices of dissent melted away as she captured the room. 
There would be no disunity, no disloyalty, no distance between Sanders and Clinton supporters. The enemy did not come from within and it was Hillary who would make us proud of this country and make a still great America that much greater.

This does not mean that all was kumbaya on this convention floor and that tonight's roll call vote will be a full throated coronation of Ms. Clinton. But let not those in attendance disappoint our most captivating first lady. This was Michelle Obama's night to bring sense and sanity to a party threatening self destruction.


Bruce said...

Bernie or bust !?


Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama captured the entire nation. Her speech was the highlight of the night. She's everything we wish the candidate would be: Exciting, charismatic, straightforward, honest, trustworthy, sincere, and not a boring, shrill, scolding lecturer.