Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Joker Versus Cruella De Vil

It has been a battle of cartoon characters: Donald Trump, with the plastic smile of the Joker, speaking in hyperbolic untruths and slogans, relying on hate and fear to mesmerize the masses.

Hillary Clinton in the role of Cruella De Vil, always lurking in shadows, always scheming, always guarded, always but a half step ahead of the law. 

On this night Bill Clinton was tasked with bringing a third dimension to his wife, bringing her true character to light, bringing us into their living room if not the bedroom, giving us a front row seat into his home and her world.

And, on this evening, we heard of the depth of her passion for others and her lifetime of commitment to causes other than her own welfare. 

In stark contrast, after four fitful days of an unconventional convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump was revealed as nothing more than one who has spent a lifetime in commitment to himself and his own well being.

So while some may challenge Mr. Clinton, contending he was but  airbrushing history, airbrushing her story, the former President did manage to turn Ms. De Vil into something of a guardian angel. And maybe in the process he wiped that phony smile off the Joker's face.


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This is terrific.


Anonymous said...

This is the first post in all the years of your writing that i disagree with.
Hillary is not Cruella. See wash post editorial by richard cohen yesterday on sexist portrayals of Hillary. She is a pretty bad campaigner but she is an incredibly accomplished person with a really good heart.


Robert said...

My piece was not an intended indictment of Hillary but rather the fact that she was portrayed as an evil two dimensional stick figure, and that Bill had done the work of making her come to life as a person of depth and character.

Anonymous said...

Very sad the necessity of Bill having to take the podium to sanitize and humanize his wife. Imagine the speech he could have given otherwise!!!