Thursday, July 7, 2016

The National Basketball A$$ociation

There are moments when obscene takes on a greater inten$ity. 

In the Stone Age of $piraling $port's $alaries, Rickey Henderson, almost as soon as the ink dried on his $3 million per season contract, lamented his decision as le$$er lights pa$$ed him on the dollar tree as if he were $tanding $till.

$tef Curry is now laughably underpaid at $12 million per annum. I think Jeremy Lin just gave away his $ervices at 36 for 3, and Linsanity was but a blip on the screen a basketball lifetime ago.

In a society where millions struggle to escape poverty, million$ lose their meaning in the $tratosphere of today's National Basketball A$$ociation.

There are those moments when too much becomes too much. Thi$ i$ $uch a moment.

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