Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Parade

It was vulgar. 
Parading grieving parents in front of the cameras. Using their pain to turn Hillary Clinton into a killer.
Parading black speakers in front of the lily white crowd. Using their skin tone to turn this bigoted party into a color blind party of inclusion.
Parading a noun, a verb and 9/11 in front of the nation. Using the flag to drape Rudy Giuliani and permit his venom to turn every immigrant into a terrorist.
Parading the third wife in front of the world. Using Melania's words to blind and deceive us and turn her husband into a person who cared about our welfare rather than merely his own ego.
And this was but night one. I would say stay tuned, but don't.


Bruce said...

But Melanie Trump set the bar so high that the Dems wonder if Hillary's spouse can talk good too without plagiarizing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I hear the Democrats want to parade grieving parents too. This is the most disgusting choice I have ever experienced. I am going to hold my nose when I vote.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats plan is different. They intend to parade the families of those African-Americans slain by police, including the mother of Michael Brown, that poor, innocent paragon of virtue who tried to grab Darren Wilson's gun to shoot him. Even Eric Holder's DOJ couldn't find a "smidgen" to prosecute Wilson on! Nevertheless, the Democrats will pander for votes they already have in the bag, and in the process further demonize the men and women in blue. We can expect more events like Dallas and Baton Rouge. The Left has always encouraged and exploited chaos and anarchy in America.

Anonymous said...

Who's the liar, Pat Smith or Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous said...

She didn't pull the trigger, but she's totally complicit in the death of Americans

Anonymous said...

Another cop assassinated in KC by another black thug today. Stay tuned, there's gonna be more.