Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump and Shakespeare

They stayed away in droves from a former President to past presidential nominees and present leaders. Many running for office ran away, afraid they would be infected not with Zika but the Trump virus. This is the state of the Republican party.

And for those who did come, who did speak, there was a hold your nose theme. Paul Ryan invoked the name of the party nominee less times than the fingers on one hand, with a few digits unused. And then Lyin' Ted told the assembled to vote their conscience. The absence of an endorsement saying loud and clear that Mr.Trump presides over a house divided. 

Who bears witness for this man apart from his own family? Mr. Cruz, Mr. Rubio, Mr. Ryan who all have disdain and disregard for Mr. Trump and have spoken openly and often of his amorality, of his misspoken words, of his positions not being representative of that of the GOP. They came not to praise Trump, if not necessarily to bury him (by the way this phrase is partially plagiarized from Shakespeare).

Mr. Trump promised us a show. But I know he didn't intend one like this.


Bruce said...

Many GOP faithful tout the excellence of their candidate's business acumen and success. Few know that he got a head start. He inherited over a billion (that's billion--not a misprint) from his father Fred, afterwards he invested on his own. During his tenure as a realtor in NY and NJ, he filed for bankruptcy, strategically, at least three times. He also deliberately failed to pay contractors who did work for him and routinely defaulted in payments to his bankers on the loans that they had made to his companies. Many self-described Christian conservatives tout his legitimacy without acknowledging that he sired five children by three differing women, whom he would cohabit with prior to finalizing the divorce.

Imagine if a Democrat like Barack Obama, who is black skinned, filed for bankruptcy three times, beat out his creditors, failed to make loan payments and fathered five children by three different women. THEY WOULD GO NUTS AND ACCUSE HIM OF BEING WORSE THAN A MOSLEM.

It is scary how the GOP has trashed our vaunted two-party system, leaving the Democrats without a valued opposition, and instead becoming a rogue party that has torn the fabric of our republic.

Michael Gansl said...

Bruce says it all!