Thursday, July 28, 2016

Make Russia Great Again

Make Russia great again. That should be the new slogan of Teflon Don. 

As he continues his long distance man hug with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump now invites his buddy to act as a Republican party operative, hacking his way into our computers and deeper into Trump's heart.

As Mr. Trump threatens to undermine our commitment to NATO and, in so doing, open the door to Russia committing future acts of aggression, his recklessness and lack of understanding grows ever more ominous. 

Yes, there is a looming danger on the horizon and something we rightly fear. And it's name is Donald Trump.


Bruce said...

If Trump gets elected he will seek to "export" American foreign policy and terrorist-killing to Russia. He will also endorse a policy of allowing Russia to build itself up as a major power by continuing its march into former SSRs. Putin has designs on Latvia. If he succeeds then Poland is next. Will the US and NATO come to their aid? It's doubtful if Trump fractures the NATO alliance. We might be looking at a new world order where Russia is supreme and America cowers in isolationism, while incurring the disappointment of its "former" European allies who will be left to fend for themselves.

Israel, America's greatest ally, will be left on her own, as Russia will ally itself with Iran leaving the potential of a second Holocaust.

So go vote for Trump if you want a really, really bad future for this nation.

Anonymous said...

As Mike said, I am from NY and I know a con


Anonymous said...

An addition to Bruce's comment above:
Not only does our Russian friend have designs on Latvia, but Lithuania, Estonia and FINLAND - I have relatives there who are very aware of his designs and have reported many intrusions by Russian military jets into their airspace. The Finns chase them out, but every incursion has the potential for a deadly escalation....His "Make Russian Great Again" includes all of Ukraine, not just the Crimea and, I assume, ultimately Poland and other NATO members. I suspect his strident nationalism is designed to help Russian citizens cope with the daily conditions under which they endure.

He is playing a very deadly game! If we don't stand up to him, it will be at our own peril. A future President who admires, and says he wants to befriend this bully, puts this Nation and the World at risk.
Nuf said....