Monday, August 29, 2016

A Brief Synopsis of the Last Eight Years of My Writing

For anyone who wants to put off cleaning their closet, or listening to yet another evening of psychoanalysis of Donald Trump, you can escape to the Fort Lee library on the evening of September 15 (at 7:30 I believe) to hear me speak on the art of writing Letters to the Editor of the New York Times (I have well over 50 letters published in that paper as of the last count).

My talk will focus not only on these submissions to the Times but also on pieces I have written about my family. 

For those who have heard me speak before, I promise new material.

Hope you can make it, that is if your cat is not in heat or your car is in the shop for service,

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Anonymous said...

Wow! A Celeb with 50 published letters to the Editor! Congrats from CA:)