Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Grave Danger

("The Alt-Right is All Wrong")

Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, trailed by errors made of her own creation and hubris (the email server imbroglio, the Clinton Foundation associations, the Wall Street speeches) and by fictional creations of her opponents (Benghazi).

Donald Trump is a flawed candidate trailed by errors made of his own creation and hubris (his remarks on Mexicans, illegal aliens, blacks, women, war heroes, political opponents but a few areas of his incendiary barrage of misinformation, miscommunication and misapprehension). He is in many ways, his own fictional creation.

He is much less a true candidate than a cartoon character suddenly come to life, his wild denunciations and wildly shifting "policy" pronouncements, a sign of a mind unattached to facts and a harbinger of what his presidency would look like. At 70 years of age, he is an old dog flailing about while pretending to learn new tricks.

There is a fundamental distinction between the two: Hillary Clinton has devoted her adult life to causes she believes in, has steeped herself in detail and has fought endlessly on behalf of others while Donald Trump is but a carnival barker, having devoted his career to himself over all others, being uninterested in basic details of anything but his own universe, limiting his fights to causes that benefit him. His profound concern himself.

Mr. Trump poses a danger, a grave danger to the well being of this country, in ways that Ms Clinton does not. Contrary to what Ms. Dowd suggests, I believe that letting  Ms. Clinton "rise above everything" is not only good for the country but imperative.

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