Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The More Things Change

There is the harsh reality of the Obama years as harbinger of the future. Even should the Dems clean sweep, even should the House and Senate return to their care and even if Hillary should rout Donald, this is likely what we face from the Republicans:

Obstinate opposition on expanding the number of insured, on protecting our environment, on endorsing infrastructure projects, on taxing our wealthiest, on supporting our downtrodden, on legislating rational gun control, on considering a path to citizenship for 11 million, on opening our hearts and arms to refugees, on appointing Supreme Court Justices, on closing Guantanamo, on funding for scientific advances, on recognizing voter suppression, on applauding any project the President trumpets.

Yes, the Republicans became the party of No after their resounding defeat in 2008 and my guess is that one bad apple named Donald will do little to convince them to abandon the core philosophy that helped usher many of them into office.

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