Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Pocket Sized Constitution and Mr. Trump

Is this the seminal moment, the one that brings down the house of lies, of hate, of fear of Donald Trump? 

No politician could crack that veneer of invincibility, that Trump belief that he could shoot someone in the middle of Times Square without repercussions.

It took the voice of Mr. Khan, filled with love for his child, love for his country and love for his Constitution. It took the voice of Mr. Khan filled with contempt for Mr. Trump's distortions, his condemnations, his denunciations. 

Mr. Khan stared down the bully, who responded as only Mr. Trump can, by trying to insult his way out of a corner.

Not this time Mr. Trump. Mr. Khan is the true face of patriotism in this nation, and you have demeaned the wrong family. 

In Mr. Khan's words there were clear echoes of the public dressing down of Joseph McCarthy, of the  "have you no sense of decency sir" remark of Mr. Welsh that effectively ended Senator McCarthy's reign of terror.

Mr. Khan and that pocket sized Constitution may have finally brought this bully to his knees.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct. Some of Trump's supporters will always be drawn to his politics of division but Hillary can move some independents if she stays to the center.